Pawsitively The Best Homemade Meals For Dogs In Pune

Do you love your fur babies as much as we do? Do you often feel your dog deserves fresh, healthy, well-balanced and tastier food? Do you feed them processed dry food because its convenient anyway? 

We at wag-a-meal make sure to provide wholesome meatloaves for your dog that are

  • Home cooked

  • 100% human-grade ingredients

  • Fresh

  • Healthy and Nutritious

  • Contain no added preservatives, colours or flavour

And what's more? We even provide these fresh meals to your door-step!


What We Do

Healthy, Fresh & Delicious Dog Food in Pune

Wag-A-Meal is a venture started by two avid dog-lovers in Pune. We have taken our passion for the wellbeing of animals and poured it into our home kitchen to cater to the nutritious requirements of dogs. One of the main ingredients in our recipes is lots of love and care. Wag-a-meal meatloaves are dogfood that is pawsitively the right kind of diet that your fur babies deserve.

Our main aim is to ensure every pooch gets a fresh, homecooked meal that is wholesome and paw-licking good!



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I would definitely recommend you to stop using the packaged dogfood and go for the 'Wag-a-meal' meatloaves.
Our dog eagerly waits for the fresh and healthy homemade food. He simply can't stop licking his plate even though the food has been finished 🐕.
The packaging of the food is so good that I can keep it refrigerated for 2-3 days and it remains fresh. Also, not to forget the timely home delivery by 'Wag-a-meal' 😃
The food is keeping Rio healthy and definitely very very happy 😃.
Rio always has a woof (read yes) when it comes to 'Wag-a-meal' meals.

Rio - Amita Marathe

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We have been ordering from Wag - a - meal for a couple of months. Our Rottweiler just loves his fresh meals from them. We like the fact that it's made using 100% human-grade ingredients. And the team really plans a good combination of different variants such that the taste does not get repetitive for Robin. 
The packaging too is done with care and it really shows that the Wag-a-meal team is passionate about catering to the needs of their furry friends.

Robin - Sachin Joshi

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 4 months back our dog, Milo was not interested in any food, he used to make us run behind him to feed him. But since we have started food from Wag A Meal the situation has changed completely 180 degrees. Now he asked for the food at his scheduled time, he never leaves anything behind in the plate. The home cooked dog food is fresh, nutritious and must be tasty as he loves it, literally! Thanks Kruttika and Priyanka, you have made this one easy for me.

Milo - Shilpa Bhagwat

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