About Us

The Hoomans Behind the Scene

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Kruttika Gogte

'Born to travel and explore but when I meet a dog, that's when I feel at home.'

Having always had a dog, or two, or three at home, my life has always revolved around them. I chose to make my passion my work. So I don't have to go to work but to a place where I meet amazing new beings every day, dogs and humans that love dogs, alike. It all started with Pets' Inn, my boarding facility for dogs. And now we have extended our concern for the wellbeing of our fur babies into ensuring they get a healthy and wholesome diet. We put so much effort into eating the right food, why shouldn't our dogs get what's best for them too!

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Priyanka Khanapure

Reading, writing and travel are my hobbies but animals are my passion.'

Rather than coming back home to my eagerly waiting dog from a 9-5 job, I chose to bring my work to where my dog is. From being a software developer to a content writer, I realized my true passion lies in trying to provide the best for the pooches who deserve a loving home with a healthy lifestyle.

The most important quality I learned from dogs is loving unconditionally and finding happiness in the little things.