Our Moto: As Hippocrates once said, ‘let food be thy medicine’. When we follow this for ourselves, why should we not for our four-legged family members?!

  • What are the ingredients we use?

These loaves contain all the ingredients essential for your pooch to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The quantities of ingredients used and what must and mustn’t go in your dog's diet has been thoroughly studied and researched. It includes all the necessary oils and protein in the form of eggs, chicken, veggies and roasted unsalted peanuts.

What's more, we have 4 variants of the recipe, each using different carb bases like jowar, bajra, rice and ragi so your dog will not get bored of the same taste every day. We blend all the ingredients together in such a way that they are uniformly distributed, thus making the entire meal delicious and prohibiting these highly smart creatures from nitpicking and eating only their favorites.

We use 100% human grade ingredients that do not consist of any preservatives, soda, baking powder or yeast. We offer only the best for your best!

  • What is the Recommended Quantity?

It’s important to consider the age, size, breed and any other health issues too while selecting the quantity for your dog. Please call us to discuss the same.

Standard daily feeding recommendations are:

Dog Weight

Recommended Quantity

5 kgs to 15 kgs - small portion (about 250g at the time of packing)

15 to 35 kgs - medium portion (about 500g at the time of packing)

35 to 45 kgs - large portion (about 750g at the time of packing)

45 and beyond - x-large portion (about 1000g at the time of packing)

  • How to switch your dog over to Wag-a-meal from his/her current diet?

The Wag-a-meal loaves are packed with healthy ingredients and thus, considerably dense and heavy.

Please do not make a direct switch from whatever you may currently be feeding your dog. Such a dramatic and sudden change in the diet can give your dog an upset stomach, leading you to falsely believe that the loaves are not for him/her.

Introduce the loaves gradually, little by little to your dog’s current diet over a period of 6 days. Up to a 20% increase of the loaf in his/her meal per day is recommended. The 7th day onwards, your dog’s whole portion can consist only of the Wag-a-meal loaves.

In this period, please look out for any allergies that you don’t already know of or symptoms that the food is not suiting your dog. Should something like this be noticed, please pick up the phone and call us right away to discuss customization options. We are, of course, happy to provide alternatives to ingredients should you already be aware of an allergy your dog has or any health condition. 

Depending on your pet’s preference you can either feed the loaf as is, or with a little bit of warm water.

  • How to store the product?

The product has a shelf life of up to 2 weeks when stored in temperatures below 5 degree Celsius i.e in a refrigerator. We also recommend that you store the meal in an air-tight container for maximum moisture retention. If you choose to store it in the microwavable, food-grade, bio-degradable packaging that we provide, it is best you feed it with a little bit of warm water to compensate for the moisture lost due to refrigeration.

  • Improvements you can expect after switching to our Product.

We are certain that your doggy will love our homemade food but more importantly, you won’t have to worry about your buddy not receiving the necessary minerals and vitamins for better immunity, proteins for strong muscles, healthy fats for a shiny coat and fibre for better digestion.

The best indicator that the meal is suiting your dog is : consistent, good, quality (easy to pick up) stools. Over a period of time, you can expect other signs of good health in your dog like a better, softer coat and a decrease in lethargy. Your dog should have a consistent lean weight to avoid bone and joint diseases, diabetes, heart and lung-related issues and cancers, which you can help him/her maintain by regularly feeding him/her the right quantity of Wag-a-meal loaves.

We strongly suggest not mixing or alternating Wag-a-meal loaves with any other food for best results.

And of course, not to forget that while your dog’s diet is one of the most important factors contributing to his/her good health, an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation, regular grooming and a loving and happy home environment are also crucial to his/her overall well-being.

  • What are the subscriptions available?

Please call us for a detailed pricing list and to discuss what the best plan for your dog is.

  • Why choose Wag-A-Meal?

Vs processed food

  1. Processed dog foods consist of high levels of preservatives and synthetic flavours and colours that are not healthy for your pet. 

  2. They include feed-grade ingredients. This means that the kibbles you are feeding your dog are allowed to contain diseased animal material and meat ingredients sourced from non-slaughtered animals that go through a process called Rendering. Hoofs, horns, skin and other animal parts that are useless for human consumption are also a part of these foods.

  3. Some of them also include wheat gluten (read the ingredients on your bag of kibbles) that is not suitable for your dogs as per vets and dog nutritionists. High-glycemic, which is genetically engineered corn or wheat are the major contents creating metabolically stressful insulin spikes thus contributing to dog obesity.

  4. Another danger of processed dog food is the high temperatures that go into making kibble. Scorching food affects the nutritional value of the food and reduces the natural antioxidants causing oxidative stress on consumption. And what’s more, it has also shown to cause free radicals to form and carcinogenic chemicals to release.

  5. Being a low-moisture product, kibbles put dogs in a constant state of dehydration.

  6. Don’t overlook the risk of storage mites that can multiply rapidly in dry food bringing with them bacteria and mycotoxins.

Well then, it looks like the only benefit of kibbles is convenience!

But we are here to take care of that and provide your pooch with the nutrients, freshness and taste he/she deserves in his/her meal!

Vs other homemade meals

Although we want the best for our fur babies, sometimes due to lack of energy, time and necessary knowledge we are unable to put together a wholesome meal for them that meets all their nutritional requirements. Even the most well-intentioned pet parents could end up feeding foods that are not good for their dog’s long-term health. Although our pets are like our children to us and, more often than not, get more love from us than our other family members, the physiology of dogs is different and all the food we, humans, like and eat does not suit them.

This is where we come in and ensure you wholesome nutritional meals that are safe, natural, homemade and most importantly fresh. We also provide these meals at your doorstep thus saving you the hassle of constantly stepping out to purchase ingredients or packaged foods.

  • How is this a cost-effective solution?

A large dog weighing between 25-50 kg should consume 350 - 500 gm of processed dry dog food of a reputed company as per their feeding quantity guidelines. Considering that, you would need a 15 kg bag of the processed food per month which typically costs something between Rs.6000 to Rs.8000.

A Wag-a-meal subscription of 500 gm per day for a month will cost almost half that amount (Please call us for a detailed pricing list).

How do we manage to keep the cost so low, you ask? It’s simple, we cut down on storage cost (processed food is most often stored in godowns for years, at times up to 3 or 4, before it reaches your home and in your dog’s bowl), preservatives, synthetic flavours and colours.

Besides, we are doing this for the genuine love we have for all dogs and their physical and mental wellbeing. Hence, concentrating on making this healthy, fresh, homemade food available and affordable to as many pet parents as possible. Above everything else, we all want what's pawsitively the best for our four-legged family members.