• Kruttika Gogte

The question is, why not for our fur babies?!

In today's world; that with the threat of a new Covid variant looming over our heads all the time, pollution levels rising above permissible levels, work loads, and with them stress levels increasing, and lifestyle diseases, unheard of before affecting people in ways we never knew they could until now; it is getting increasingly important for us to take care of our health. Health care experts all over the world opine that of the few things we can do to maintain our good health and stay fit, eating the right kind of food and regular exercise are the most important.

Hippocrates said,"Let food be thy medicine." Eating the right food, at the right time and more importantly, controlling the quality of what goes in your stomach will largely determine how many pills you pop and how many trips to the doctor's clinic you need to make. Subjecting our digestive systems to processed foods, full of preservatives, loaded with chemicals, synthetic flavours and artificial colours is just about the most cruel thing you can do to yourself.

But we already know all this! We think about it constantly. We actively avoid buying vegetables that don't look fresh. Of the multiple brands available, we make sure we don't pick based on price but on the ingredients, nutritional value and date of manufacturing. We seek out stores that sell organic. If we don't have

the time to make every meal at home, we appoint help to come home and make it for us but see to it that we're not eating restaurant food all the time.

The question then is: if we are so conscious of our own dietary needs and requirements, and those of our children, why do we not put as much thought into what we feed our four-legged family members?!

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